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Got your in-country network up and running? Once a core group is in place, the national network progresses to the CCD “functioning” stage when interested parties and the anchor decide (either concurrently or consecutively) that working collaboratively is appropriate and start a collaborative activity or agree that a local CCD network would be a value-add and start working on its details/design. The objective of this stage is to put key agreements in place, set up governance, agree on key norms, standardise ways of working, and address key priority areas identified by the core group. A CCD is considered to be in the “functioning” stage during their first year of operation. While the core group will establish key “norms” at this time, the group will likely encounter new situations that require additional norms and expectations to be developed as they move forward and find new ways to work together.

Here are some tools to help you tackle issues that may arise as you dive into a new way of collaborative working. Contact us with any questions or to connect with Belete Temsgen, CCD's workstream chair over in-country support. 

Coming soon.

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