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14 NGOs came together to establish CCD in the wake of the Grand Bargain's 2016 annual meeting and came up with a vision to deliver aid collaboratively.

This approach allows multiple humanitarian actors (beyond just NGOs) to tailor different ways of working together based on their context and the needs of the response, with a goal of avoiding duplication of services and capitalising on the strengths of each partner. 

Since 2016, CCD has made significant strides towards its goals. We are partnering with a variety of agencies in countries around the world as we work towards reducing competition and costs between NGOs and maximising the impact they can have locally on beneficiaries of cash programming. 


CCD is continuously looking for ways to bring the most relevant experience and expertise together in a given context to generate value for in-country collaborations.       

CCD partners working collaboratively.jpg

CCD partners mapping existing technology as part of collaboration planning 

© Save the Children / CCD

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CCD aims to deliver timely cash and voucher assistance
to people affected by crises wherever markets are functioning

CCD is a network of like-minded NGOs providing cash assistance that aims to make the humanitarian sphere more efficient in order to scale up the use of cash programming globally in a locally appropriate way. We want to help NGOs provide a cost-effective way to empower families while meeting their critical needs. We hope our members accomplish this by engaging in radical collaboration efforts, thus delivering financial assistance in a fundamentally new way. 

Beneficiary registering for cash assistance after floods affecting Bandarban, Bangladesh © World Vision

We imagine a cash and voucher ecosystem where our members ...


  • can easily construct collaborative, localised aid operations based on the comparative advantages of their partner NGOs and the local context

  • seamlessly complement each other’s programming and capacities

  • reduce duplication of services and maximise impact, allowing them to reach more of the most vulnerable people in need

  • start responding with cash programming at scale within a few hours of a crisis

  • have common standards and operating procedures ready to go

  • are collectively prepared with the necessary contracts and resources in place so they can respond to emergencies more quickly and efficiently.

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CCD is committed to: 

  • localising aid and dramatically scaling up the use of cash programming in humanitarian operations

  • prioritising digital payments and access to financial services to promote financial inclusion

  • fundamentally changing the way cash and voucher assistance is delivered 

  • helping build a humanitarian system ready for ever-changing challenges.

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CCD is for all humanitarian actors delivering cash programming.


Founding members include: Action Against Hunger (ACF), ACTED, CARE, Concern Worldwide, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Danish Church Aid (DCA), Danish Refugee Council (DRC), International Rescue Committee (IRC), Mercy Corps, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), OxFam, Relief International, Save the Children, and World Vision.

CCD members deliver about 80% of all "last mile" cash assistance and operate in every crisis context that includes cash programming globally. Between these 14 NGOs, they collectively manage or deliver US$2.2 billion of humanitarian cash assistance each year. Our members are working within their contexts to bring together the best available cash actors in a given country into adaptive partnerships focused on delivering more timely and impactful cash and voucher assistance (CVA) to people affected by crises.

CCD lines 2.png
CCD lines 2.png
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