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Due Diligence and Cash Capacity Harmonisation

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Local NGO surveys in many contexts have repeatedly identified repetitive and burdensome due diligence processes as a concern, while a lack of rigorous cash capacity assessments undermines the effectiveness of capacity building efforts for cash transfer programming. To address these concerns, CCD is developing harmonised tools for due diligence and cash capacity assessment, to be piloted by five INGOs (Action Against Hunger; Concern; Oxfam; Save the Children; World Vision) and their partners in Turkiye, North West Syria and Ukraine.


In later phases of this project it is hoped that we will be able to develop joint capacity building and passporting of assessments, allowing local NGOs to take on larger shares of the programme cycle and form partnerships more easily. 

  • If you (or colleagues you know) would like to be involved in our upcoming workshops, consultations, or research activities

  • If you would like us to present our project progress to your team or working group

Please be in contact with:

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Laura Gordon

Humanitarian Transformation Lead

Save the Children, UK


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