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Author: Paul Currion for the COLLABORATIVE CASH DELIVERY (CCD) NETWORK with inputs from Aaron Martin, Emrys Schoemaker and Keren Weitzberg

CCD / World Vision International - 2022

This desk review provides a landscape of the state of policy and technology with respect to data portability and digital identity in the humanitarian sector.


It introduces key concepts and raises critical questions for the sector as it considers new approaches to beneficiary-centric digital identity based on the principle of data portability.


This document is accompanied by a separate analytical report prepared by Paul Currion which builds on the desk review with a targeted commentary and tailored guidance meant for CCD Network members within the framework of its ECHO-supported project on data portability.

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Amos Doornbos 

CCD Data Interoperability Working Group Lead

Disaster Management Strategy & Systems Director

World Vision International


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