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Data sharing

Practical guidance on data sharing and a data sharing agreement template

CARE has secured the support of Denton’s law firm, one of the world’s largest law firms, to develop practical guidance on data sharing and a data sharing agreement template.  The guidance and template are based on the highest standards (GDPR) and CCD members’ legal counsels, data specialists and program teams are providing feedback on the guidance and agreement template to ensure that it can be used easily by CCD members in the field.  The guidance has been finalized and the template are available.   Both the guidance and the templates are being piloted in CCD collaborations in Ethiopia and Colombia.

Collaboration modelling tool

Online tool - coming in December

The CCD has developed and piloted draft guidance on how to design a cash collaboration.  The guidance outlines key steps and decision points for developing and customizing a cash collaboration model.  With funding from a foundation, this guidance will be further developed and piloted over the next year.  With the support of Pivotal Labs,  this guidance will form the basis for an online tool that provides CCD members a collaboration sandbox.where they can quickly model different collaboration design choices based on the guidance and best practices.  This tool will help CCD collaboration facilitators and managers support CCD members to design, set-up and establish CCD collaborations in the field.  It will also be useful for CCD country platforms interested in scenario planning.

Peer to peer feedback mechanism

Building trust tool - coming soon

Open communication and constructive, timely feedback loops between members of a collaboration is critical for collaborations to succeed.  For a variety of reasons, that feedback can be challenging to deliver.  The CCD wants to build good communication and feedback into the fabric of CCD collaborations and is developing a Collaboration Peer to Peer (P2P) Feedback App to make that easier.  The P2P Feedback App will support the CCD collaboration to listen, analyze and close the loop with members and their key concerns.  Feedback would cover three levels, including, 1. members giving feedback on the CCD concept and if it is meeting their priority needs, 2. members giving feedback on the performance of the collaboration manager, and 3. members giving feedback on service providers that are part of the collaboration.  Members take a 5-minute weekly private survey.  Questions in the survey are inspired by research to make feedback more effective and actionable.  Aggregated data and analysis is available real-time to all members of the collaboration allowing for members to discuss issues and adjust the course of the collaboration as needed.  In the future, once tested, this feedback system might be used to expand the range of systems used to collect feedback from the people that we serve.