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Collaborating to Enhance Cash Programming in Humanitarian Crises

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We are CCD

Welcome to CCD, a global network of international NGOs dedicated to improving the quality and delivery of cash and voucher assistance to those facing humanitarian crises. 

Our network includes 14 members that deliver cash and collectively address the systemic challenges in providing cash and voucher assistance to reach more families and children affected by crisis within 72 hours.  

CH1703757_ A cash transfer distribution

Esther Mbabazi / Save the Children

A school completely destroyed by a missile in the families village near to the c

Simon Edmunds/Save the Children

We Want to Reform CVA

Cash and voucher assistance (CVA) is an effective and transparent way of providing aid to the vulnerable while ensuring their freedom to decide on their own recovery.


But humanitarian needs are prolonged by conflicts and climate - related crises. Limited funding and systemic issues hinder cash assistance growth and impact. As a result, families and communities do not receive cash on time, they lack control over its distribution and struggle to build long-term resilience.

We Collaborate 

We are the largest network of like-minded NGOs that deliver cash and collectively reach over 150 million vulnerable people in over 80 countries.  Instead of large international NGOs working in silos, we believe in the power of coming together to empower local actors to take agency and reform CVA globally.

CCD partners working collaboratively_edi

CCD/Save the Children

Our Members

CCD members deliver 80% of "last mile" cash assistance globally. These 14 NGOs manage $2.2B of humanitarian cash assistance annually.


Members bring together cash actors into adaptive partnerships to deliver timely and impactful assistance to people affected by crises.

Thematic Focus 


Data Interoperability 

Our work on interoperability and data governance aims to simplify the process for individuals impacted by humanitarian crises to manage their own data and take charge of its management.



Through local organisations, CVA programmes can be adapted to local realities, provide timely responses, and amplify the voices of communities in highly vulnerable situations.


Social Protection

We prioritise social protection in humanitarian response and offer valuable country platforms. We also contribute to ongoing learning, particularly in fragile contexts.

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